Materials used

Carbon steels: S235JRG2, S355JR, P265GH, Rst 37-2, C 22.8, St3s,
St41k, 18G2A and other upon request
Alloy steels: generally all kinds of steels available in the country on the basis
of individual order.
Upon request: Hot dip zinc coating or electro-plated coating
Pressures: PN 2.5 ÷ PN 160
Dimensions: DN 15 ÷ fi 3400

Quality control
We provide certificates
of quality in accordance with EN – 10204
point 2.2 or 3.1.B
Recently, after establishing a cooperation with Western companies, we improved our capabilities of delivering steel flanges of special and specific design to a vast extent.
Deliveries may include the final product, semi product or a forging.
Forges collaborating with us can make forgings by:
open-dip forging
matrix forging
All materials can be improved thermally.
Dimensions: DN ½” ÷ 102″, DN 15 ÷ DN 2800,
Standards: ANSI, API, AFNOR, ASME, EN, DIN, BS, MSS.SP ….,
Materials: carbon steels, carbon steels for high and low temperatures,
alloy steels, inox steels (stainless), Duplex, etc.

Quality control is performed in ISO 9001 system as well as on the basis of European Union directive DESP 9/23 CE and includes:
a) compulsory tests for:
– tension
– impact stress
– hardness
b) non-compulsory tests:
– magnetoscopic
– ultrasonographic
C) metallurgic tests:
– micrography
– macrography

Below there are presented only the basic standards according to which we offer
steel flanges:
1. STANDARD – EN 1092-1
1. STANDARD – ISO 7005-1
3. STANDARD – PN/H 74731, H-74738, H-74710, H -74728

Material grades:
the basic ones: St3s, Rst37-2 , S235JRGZ, 18G2A, C228.
other, upon request, such as : P235GH, P245GH, P265GH, S355 J2G3…
stainless steel: 304, 316, 321, 304L, 316L, and other upon request.
d) other tests:
– chemical analysis
– spectrometry
– corrosive tests.

Completing deliveries we may also offer flanges, connectors, valves, seals, pipes and tubes, nuts, screws etc.,
especially for the petroleum industry.